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IPTV is Becoming Far More popular, liberating Clients from content material and agreements. The frequent cable bill in the USA happens to be approximately $100 a month. Regional copyrights may keep you away from seeing your favorite content in your country. Thus, you would like to stop on costly cable or satellite! You’re in luck, there’s a new way of seeing your favorite movies and sports broadcasts. In this guide, we’ll review the very best IPTV providers in the United States and across the world.

We have also considered the below-mentioned pages to choose the Best IPTV providers and after that did complete research and testing to compile the list of Best IPTV providers.


FalconTV is offering a pool of 4,000+ channels. Naturally, this number is desirable for any IPTV lover. However, the game doesn’t end here; the list of channels is crazy! They offer a good selection of IPTV USA channels.

International Content

They don’t want their customers to stick with local ones. So, for this purpose, they have filled their bucket with all of the international content. Let’s have a quick check on the channels list.

Start counting; you will have access to content from the USA, UK, Canada, French, Latino, Mexico, Caribbean, South America, Arab Emirates, Italy, Turkey, Pakistan, and many more.

PPV & Sports category

It’s for all the sports enthusiasts, so, read this portion carefully!

If you want to have a full grip over all of the thrilling sports channels, then buy this service blindly. Time to share the crispiest part!

UK sports, super sports, PPV events, Soccer channels, NFL networks, NBA networks, MLB networks, and World Cricket. FalconTV has covered almost all of the sports channels, which is quite impressive!


BANG! 40,000+ VoD.

The majority of the time, IPTV services fail to have a solid grip on the VoD section. But, FalconTV has gathered all of the content, that their audience loves the most! Therefore, you will witness the VoD section with constant updates.

So, no worry here!


Great Collection of TV shows

The interface of FalconTV has a separate icon for TV shows. Furthermore, they have the most updated and latest shows on their list. Therefore, it’s better to mention some of the famous TV shows’ names.

Money heist, They ARE ALL IN, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and the list goes on. It manifests that they have a pretty upgraded system. Moreover, they don’t want their customers just to enjoy the previous shows or movies.


No Compatibility issues

FalconTV has a friendly nature. So naturally, every android device seems to walk hand-in-hand with it.

  • Amazon Firestick
  • Android TV Box, Tablets & Phones
  • NVIDIA Shield
  • Chromecast
  • FireTV

Superb Quality & Reliability

FalconTV is the most reliable IPTV service. No hiccups like buffering or freezing in its history. Furthermore, the quality of all of the channels in HD and FHD.

Thus, from all angles, this service provider has no stumbling block at all.

Price & Payment option

Firstly, enjoy the free three days trial. It will help you in choosing it for a long time.

Let’s check the packages:

But, if you go for three months payment options. You have to pay less as compared to the monthly package.

You can pay through debit or credit cards and Bitcoin.

24/7 Customer care

Their exceptionally best customer care has taken the game to the next level. You can contact them at any time on their website. IPTV SMARTER SUBSCRIPTION

Final Words


No issue, everything is smooth and easy to handle. Therefore, just go and grab this spectacular IPTV service provider.

Channels & Content provides over 10000 channels from all over the world. Almost any program you would ever want to stream is available at Comstar TV. They offer a wide range of English channels from the USA, UK, and Canada. Comstar TV also offers a great lineup of VODs.

Reliability & Quality

In our experience, despite having a huge number of channels the streams are very stable. We did not experience offline channels or downtime. There is a good number of channels in HD. This is great to watch action movies and live sporting events.

The quality of EPG despite having so many channels is awesome. is managing EPG really well and covering most of the channels. You can search for all your favorite channels with ease. They also offer excellent support for any problem.

Compatible Devices

The compatibility is not an issue with Comstar TV IPTV SMARTER SUBSCRIPTION. They are compatible with all famous devices and systems. Whatever device you use; you will be connected easily. They offer the same level of quality and service Kodi, Perfect Player, Android Apk, Smart TV, Enigma, VLC Player, and MAG Boxes. They also provide FAQs with videos on their support page. You can easily configure all types of devices with the help of these FAQs.

Channels & content

They have currently around about 8000 channels around the globe. They have all the channels that you’d need from USA UK Canada and other English-speaking regions. Team TV also has a vast catalog of international channels from India, Pakistan, European countries, and some Arabic countries. They also have all the sports channels that you’d need. These include NFL, rugby channels, and even premier league channels. But as we all know that premier league channels often come and go because they are cracking down upon that thing, so when I tested it, it had some premier league channel so that’s good. IPTV SMARTER SUBSCRIPTION

The best thing about tv team IPTV though is the VOD section. They have a vast VOD section of more than 25000. That I’ve never seen before in any IPTV and it’s all working. You have all the famous shows, all the popular movies right there and they keep constantly updating it. But what they don’t have is adult channels. They pride themselves upon being a family-friendly service so they don’t offer any adult channels. So if you are looking for some adult fun on your IPTV then this is not the IPTV for you.


They offer channels with FHD, 1080p, 720p, and sd support. TV Team has a good list of HD channels to choose from. They also have the option of creating personalized channel lists. This is a great option to make zapping a lot easier and cuts down the loading time of the playlist. The reliability is up there as compared to other leading IPTV services.

Compatible Devices

You can watch TV Team on all popular devices like XBMC/Kodi, MAG, android, ios, Enigma, smart tv, pc, and more.


The packages are available on a monthly, quarterly, 6 months, and yearly basis. All the prices are mentioned below. They are a bit on the expensive side but I think it’s quite reasonable and you should really try them out. You can contact support for a trial before purchasing it.


Yes, I would recommend the TV Team. If you are searching for a diverse IPTV SMARTER SUBSCRIPTION service that provides a lot of international channels and a huge VOD section, it is one of the best options for you.

11. IPTV Subscription.TV

Channels & Content

IPTVSubscription.TV is also one of the best providers in the market. It is very difficult to fulfill everyone’s IPTV needs. People have different types of choices, some are looking for VOD and others are looking for live streaming from the USA or the UK. IPTV Subscription. TV’s primary focus is to provide you with the English TV for the whole family with crystal clear quality. Their service is very reliable. They offer more than 700 channels and a good collection (20000+) of VOD. Great EPG provides the latest information about most of the channels. They offer more than 500 quality channels from the US, Canada, and England, sports, movies, kids, and a good range of adult channels. Some popular channels are mentioned below.


After signing up on their website, you will get your username with a password. After this, you will access the browser-based portal which will give you a TV-like interface including a channels list and EPG. Their service is fully compatible with all types of Android boxes, Fire TV devices & Roku. My experience with them is very good so far. I really like the online player with quick zapping. Almost all of the channel’s stream without freezing or other issues. The streaming quality is very good and the EPG is very accurate.


You have to pay $19 per month for IPTV Subscription TV. Although it is not a very cheap service to buy will get reliable IPTV service with quality live English TV streaming.


Overall it is a great service. Two simultaneous streams enable you to watch your favorite show and match at the same time. We will greatly suggest you give it a try. Check out all packages here.

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